Automatic fly ash brick plant 2200

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sr NoParticularsFly Ash Brick Plant ( FBP 2200 ) Modeltion
1 Bricks Press Type Automatic Hydraulic Bricks Press with hi-tech Prefill Technology.
2 Bricks Press Body Heavy Duty Window type Body Fabricated M S Plate by CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
3 Brick Production Ratio 2100 – 2200 Bricks/Hour
4 Brick per stroke4 8 – Brick
5 Bricks Size(mm) 230 (L) X 110 (W) X 75 (H) – Size Option Available
6 Bricks Press Tonnage 80 MT
7 Palletizer system portable type
8 Pallet Feeding System Automatic
9 Pallet Use in Plant 100 nos
10 Pallet Size 580mm x 580mm
11 Mixer Type High Speed Pan Mixer with Planetary Gear
12 Mixer Capacity 300 Kg (2 Nos.)
13 Pan Mixer Motor 5 HP / 2.85 KW (2 Nos.)
14 Pan Mixer Gear Box Planetary Gear Box
15 Mixer Speed 26 – 28 RPM
16 Mixing Arms 2 Nos. per Mixer
17 Crushing Rollers 2 Nos. per Mixer
18 Pan Mixer Feeding Manual / Automatic Feeding Available as Optional
19 Pan Mixer Gate Manual / Hydraulic Gate Available as Optional ( Additional cost )
20 Pan Mixer Water Automation Available as Optional ( Additional cost )
21 Hydraulic Motor 15 HP / 7.5 KW
22 Hydraulic Valves Hydrank Make / 240 VAC
23 High Pressure Pump Hydrank /Veljan German Make VAN Pump
24 High Flow Pump Hydrank /Veljan German Make VAN Pump
25 Oil Cooling system Water Cooling
26 Control Panel Delta Make : P L C Based Control Panel With HMI Display
27 Men Power 1 – Operator , 9 – labor
28 Total Power 30.5 HP/ 22.87 KW
29 Machine warranty 1 Year
30 Shed Area in Feet 240 (L) X 20(W) X 22(H)
Note: All of the Specifications, Dimensions & Designs are Subjected to change without Prior Notice. Please confirm the details at the time of Order Finalization. Check Commercial Terms & Condition.

Automatic fly ash brick plant 2200

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Automatic fly ash brick plant 2200

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The amazing designing property and toughness of fly ash brick augments its degree for application in building development and improvement of framework, development of asphalts, dams, tanks, submerged works, waterway coating, and water system work, and so forth

The strength of fly ash brick making with the above arrangements ranges between 7.5 MPa and 10 MPa. Fly ash bricks are lighter and more grounded than mud bricks. Automatic fly ash brick plant FBP 2200, Automatic fly ash brick plant manufacturers, Fly ash brick plant in Mehsana, Automatic fly ash brick plant in India,

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Principle fixings incorporate fly ash, water, quicklime or lime ooze, concrete, aluminum powder, and gypsum. Autoclaving expands the hardness of the square by advancing fast relieving the concrete. Gypsum goes about as a drawn-out strength gainer. Because best aluminum best-taken glue, the synthetic response gives AAC its particular permeable construction, daintiness, and protecting properties.

The previously mentioned properties put it aside from other lightweight substantial materials. The completed item is a lighter square, under 40% the heaviness of regular Bricks, while giving the comparative qualities. The particular gravity stays around 0.6 to 0.65. Utilizing these squares in structures diminishes the dead burden, permitting one to save around 30 to 35% of the underlying steel, and cement.

Fly ash brick plant in Mehsana

Business measures fall into two classifications; the lime course, and the concrete (OPC) course where the last is utilized as a wellspring of lime. In the lime course, the piece is fly ash (half), slaked lime (30%), and anhydrous gypsum (20%), to which 3 to multiple times of stone residue, sand, or any latent filler material can be added. In the concrete course, the organization is fly ash(76%), OPC (20%), and anhydrite (4%), to which 3 to multiple times of filler material can be added.

Automatic fly ash brick plant in India

We provide complete turnkey projects for Fly Ash Bricks, Concrete (Hollow/Solid) Blocks, Concrete Paving Blocks/Interlocking Pavers, Kerb Stone, and so forth, limiting 10,000 to 1,20,000 PCs/Day with Auto Batching and Auto Clave plants. Our fly ash brick creating machine can deliver bricks of any shape and size. “And so on and our machines got the ability to make it!” The compelling execution of Hydraulic and Vibration advances by our machines guarantees peak levels of consistency and quality.

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