Automatic fly ash brick plant 4500

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sr NoParticularsFly Ash Brick Plant ( FBP 4500 ) Model
1 Bricks Press Type Automatic Hydraulic Bricks Press with hi-tech Prefill Technology.
2 Bricks Press Body Heavy Duty Window type Body Fabricated M S Plate by CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
3 Brick Production Ratio 4500 Bricks/Hour Max.
4 Brick per stroke 21 Brick
5 Bricks Size(mm) 230 (L) X 110 (W) X 75 (H) – Size Option Available
6 Bricks Press Tonnage 210 MT
7 Palletizer system Portable Type
8 Pallet Feeding System Automatic
9 Pallet Use in Plant 90 Nos
10 pallet Size 990mm x 840mm x 25 mm – wooden pallet
11 Mixer Type Pan Mixer – 2 Nos
12 Mixer Capacity 750 kg Max. per Batch.
13 Pan Mixer Motor 10 HP / 5.71 KW
14 Pan Mixer Gear Box Planetary Gear Box
15 Mixer Speed 26 – 28 RPM
16 Mixing Arms 2 Nos. per Mixer
17 Crushing Rollers 2 Nos. per Mixer
18 Pan Mixer Feeding Manual / Automatic Feeding Available as Optional10
19 Pan Mixer Gate Manual / Hydraulic Gate Available as Optional
20 Pan Mixer Water Automation Available as Optional ( Additional cost )
21 Hydraulic Motor 30 HP / 17.41 KW
22 Hydraulic Valves YUKEN Make / 240 VAC
23 High Pressure Pump YUKEN Make VAN Pump
24 High Flow Pump YUKEN Make VAN Pump
25 Oil Cooling system Water Cooling
26 Control Panel Delta make : P L C Based Control Panel
27 Men Power 2 – Operator , 15 – labor
28 Total Power 58 HP / 43.5 KW
29 Machine warranty 1 year
Note: All of the Specifications, Dimensions & Designs are Subjected to change without Prior Notice. Please confirm the details at the time of Order Finalization. Check Commercial Terms & Condition.

Automatic fly ash brick plant 4500,

Intelligent circle design offers the best quality facilities and apparatus for making lightweight cellular (c l c) concrete blocks. The cellular lightweight concrete block plant (c l c) is mainly composed of important units such as belt mixer, foam generator, air blower, advanced calibration structure, and molds. The grouping of programmed material and the care of the structure, as well as the wire cutting machine, is also accessible as discretionary.

The cell lightweight concrete block plant (c l c) can be accessed in after three models; 1. Light cellular concrete block plant (clc) – limit: 15 cumtr per shift 2. Light cellular concrete block plant (clc) – limit: 30 cumtr per shift 3. Light cellular concrete block plant (clc) – Limit: With this hardware, it is possible to deliver lightweight blocks of 50 cumtr per shift cell with a thickness from 600 kgcubmtre to 1400 kgcubmtr.

The grouping of programmed material, the care of the structure, and the wire cut structure are also accessible as discretionary. Get in touch for more niceties.

The organization is basically busy with assembling, marketing, and supplying brick/block/paver machines everywhere. The Plant, delivered by us, is superior in grades, execution, and useful life. The plant can benefit from us at ruthless costs and the highest rank in production capacities and degree of automation.

Automatic fly ash brick plant FBP 4500

Automatic fly ash brick Plant

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Our Automatic fly ash brick plants manufacturer works with programmed capacities with proceeding with the stream of required Raw material and Ready Brick would run for 30 feet rail consequently from where just, the works will lift Green blocks at stacking yard by Brick moving Trolley and that subsequent no Breakage in Green Bricks. The extras are effectively accessible even in the littlest Village of any side of India. It is eco amicable Machine. We have designated Distributors Region astute for the After Sales Service and Availability of Spare Parts to offer the speediest support to our esteemed Clients. Automatic fly ash brick plants manufacturer.