Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000

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Technical Specification










Block/BrickSizePer StockPer HourPer Stock













Paver BlockZig-Zag



Paver BlockI – Shape47206108091620122160
Fly Ash Brick

9”x 4”x 3”


Solid Block

400 X 200 X 150mm /

16” X 8”X 6”

Hollow Block390 X 190 X 190 mm2240336044806720
Cycle Time Per Minute3 Stock3 Stock3 Stock3 Stock
Vibration Motor7.5 HP5 + 5 = 10 HP7.5 + 7.5 = 15 HP10 + 10 = 20 HP
Pan Mixer Capacity500 Kg700 Kg500 Kg – 2 Nos700 Kg – 2 Nos
Shed Area in Feet40 x 20 x 22 (H)40 x 20 x 22 (H)50 x 25 x 22 (H)50 x 25 x 22 (H)
Power  HP/KW40/3047.5/35.6263/47.2583/62.25
Pallet  Size600 x 500 x 20 mm600 x 700 x 25mm600 x 850 x 25mm850 x 850 x 25mm

Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000

Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000 are made from fly waste, lime, gypsum, and sand. These can be used extensively in all structure building exercises such as normally consumed earth blocks. Fly debris blocks are equally lighter and more grounded than normal dirt blocks.

The fantastic design property and robustness of the fly debris block broadens its scope for application in building development and foundation advancement, asphalt development, dams, tanks, submerged work, trench lining, and system work. of water, etc.

Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000

Automatic Paver Block Plants

An integrated venture that consolidates science, innovation, creation and sale in a single unit, giving a total plan, comprehensively, incorporates the detailed study design parcel, solid block manufacturing hardware, adaptable layout of the concrete vehicle, the seemingly perpetual shape, the ruthless arrangement of the items and the surface treatment, the ideal management after the offers and the help of additional parts.

produces different machines for making substantial squares, including the versatile work area, proper stagger, decent single bed, and scheduled single bed product offering. Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000 We take the main situation in various industry innovation and market regions.

Our items and hardware go through extensive quality control and each item is guaranteed for presentation and generally reliable post-deal support. This native innovation for Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000 is standard with the best accessible on the planet. Furthermore, due to our internal research and development, we are in a position to offer complete packages for redone projects.

Automatic Paver Block Plants in Mehsana

The scheduled fly ash brick plant is mainly composed of the following equipments:

Dish mixer:

Along with the plant, a plate-type mixer of the required batch capacity is provided to mix the raw materials such as stone dust, fly ash, cement, sand, water, etc. homogeneously. The side wall and bottom of the pan mixer are created from the best quality M S plate with the required thickness. The plan is exceptionally rugged and reliable to allow the mixer to run smoothly for a long time with virtually no breakdown.

The mixer is equipped with imported planetary gearbox and best quality electric motor. Homogeneous mixing is guaranteed by specially designed mixing arms. The batch capacity of the mixer is based on the production capacity of the automatic brick and block plant. The manual discharge gate is equipped with a standard plant, but the hydraulic discharge gate is also accessible as optional. Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000.

Mixed Material Belt Conveyor:

The belt conveyor is provided to move the mixed materials from the mixer to the hopper of the hydraulic brick press. Parts like main frame and intermediate roller frames are created from good quality structural materials. The moving parts such as the idler rollers, the drive roller and the driven roller, etc., are provided with the best workmanship and good quality bearings and pedestals. Elastic conveyor belt is supplied with M24 grade, 3-layer grading, endless. Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000

Vibrating brick and block compactor machine:

The brick and block vibro-compacting machine is the main unit of the whole plant which changes the raw substance into brick or block by utilizing high frequency vibration. Vibro brick and block compacting machine is created from strong square tubes and is equipped with the best quality hydraulic cylinders and different handwheels.

The block and block making machine produces 3500-4000vbs high vibration for framing bricks or blocks. Blocks and blocks The machine works naturally by means of the P L C based control panel and the hydraulic power pack. Water actuated cylinders are manufactured with the highest quality materials, workmanship and precision. A feed fan is provided to ensure rapid filling of well-shaped raw components. Proximity sensors are used to end the automatic cycle. Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000.

Pressure Driven Power Pack:

The required sump limit water-driven power pack and other hydraulic accessories such as hydraulic pump, steering control valves, pressure control valves, pressure gauge, oil level indicator, etc., are provided together with the plant. The water-driven power pack supplies hydraulic oil with the required pressure and quantity according to the needs to finish the pressing cycle. Most of the ornaments used in Power Make are produced by YUKEN and Polyhydron.

Control Panel:

The control panel based on the programmable logic controller (P L C) is provided with the plant to operate the plant. Three working modes such as Manual, Semiautomatic and Automatic selectable to work the Plant. The control panel is equipped with the best quality electrical accessories and accessories such as P L C, display module, push buttons, amps and voltmeters, contactors and overload relays, etc. Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000.

Automatic Paver Block Plant 2000. We are boosting the manufacturer of building materials apparatus and development equipment. We have natively fostered unsurpassed innovation with the best accessible on the planet; for flying debris blocks, substantial square plants, earth blocks and paver making plants. Furthermore, with our internal R&D office in the field of knowledge, we are in a position to offer a really extensive package for any company with explicit and completely redone recommendations.

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Automatic Paver Block Plant Manufacturer

We provides the world’s best technology for the use of FLY ASH in assembling Automatic fly ash brick Machines and concrete block and paver manufacturing plant by utilizing fully prepared and coordinated assembly measurements and a master specialized team and advancements from green technology with advanced structure materials. Fly ash bricks Plants in Mehsana. Paver Block Plant Suppliers.

We make these items using an ideal quality raw substance and the latest innovation in our building block. The Fly ash bricks Plants in Mehsana presented by us have requested their elements such as problem-free execution, low maintenance, simplicity of operation and assembly, robustness and high productivity. Inferrable to the highlights mentioned above, these machines are used in development, automotive and design companies.

Paver Block Plant Suppliers

The Automatic Paver Block Plant Manufacturer is produced by our in-house specialists using ideal quality material and driving innovation consistent with the standards set by the company. The block machine is accessible as indicated by buyers’ requests within a specified period of time. Being a leading manufacturer and exporter located in Ahemdabad, Gujrat, we offer this machine at the best costs. Automatic Paver Block Plant Manufacturer.

Our strong obligation to dominate in quality and accommodate unique customer requests has empowered us to stay ahead of our space partners. We find all possible ways to satisfy both subjective and quantitative requests from our clients in the shortest possible time.